BASF's Monomers Division Launches Sustainability Plan and Broadens its Line of Environmentally Friendly Products

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BASF—the world's largest chemical producer and a German multinational chemical company—has launched an ambitious sustainability roadmap, promising to expand its portfolio of products with a lower CO2 footprint and to provide a circular option in every major product line by 2025. Simultaneously, the division will prioritise technical optimisation initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from operations.

Dr. Ramkumar Dhruva, President of BASF's Monomers division, said, "As a commodity business at the heart of chemical production, we have the potential to significantly drive the sustainable transformation of both BASF and the many industries we serve as customers. The Monomers division supplies key industries from food packaging, textiles, automotive, or construction to wood binders and many others with base chemicals. The new divisional sustainability roadmap is a key part of BASF's plan to reach climate neutrality and net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Dhruva said, "We see sustainability as the key to business success in the future, and we're committed to giving our customers the right solutions to help them reach their own sustainability goals."

Targets of zero net greenhouse gas emissions necessitate a higher level of carbon transparency. Even for commodities, the product carbon footprint (PCF) is increasingly becoming a differentiating factor. BASF's Monomers division is putting a certified low-PCF alternative into all of its product lines.

This is done by using the company's mass balancing method. Lupranat® ZERO, an MDI made from biobased raw materials with a PCF of zero, and Ultramid® CcycledTM, an innovative material for the textile industry for which chemically recycled feedstock from end-of-life tyres is used in production and attributed using a certified mass balance method, are two examples.

The division has major sites and more than 200 products already RedCert2 or ISCC+ certified today. It plans to have more certified sites in all areas by the end of 2023, and it will keep adding to its line of certified mass-balanced products for customers around the world.

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