How does it work?

We work with a 4-step process which can be completed in a matter of a week. 1) discovery, to understand how we can help 2) scope to ensure you're matched with the best freelancer 3) after meeting your match you will receive a detailed offer 4) once you sign off, you can start working with your match.

How to best comply with regulatory requirements in ESG?

Who We Are?

What is ESG?

How do you vet your freelancers?

How to get a comprehensive view on peer practices?

What Regions Are You Active In?

What is ESG Rating?

What is your business model?

How to carry out an ESG Risk Assessment?

How Long Have You Worked In The Industry?

Where do I attend the course?

What is ESG investing?

On which topics can you support us?

What Does The Future Of Your Product Look Like?

What is sustainable finance?

Which languages do the freelancers speak?

Do You Help Us Set Up Your Software?

Can we attend a course as a group?

What are SDGs?

What are green bonds?

What is an ESG framework?

What are GRI standards?

What is the EU taxonomy?

What is SFDR regulation?

What are SASB standards?

What is CDSB?

What is TCFD?

What is Integrated Reporting ?

What are PRI principles?

What is sustainable crypto?

What is cleantech?

What is ESG tech?

What is the Paris Agreement?

What is ESG Reporting ?

What is renewable energy ?

What does carbon footprint mean?

What does greenwashing mean?

What is climate adaptation?

What is climate mitigation?

What is net zero ?

What is the greenhouse effect ?

What does DEI mean ?

What are ESG funds ?


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