About Us

KnowESG is an integrated sustainability data ecosystem bringing together relevant news, events, education, and company information.

Our Story

The world we know needs a radical sustainability shift. We at KnowESG believe that business is the most powerful way in changing the world we live in, and information is the fuel powering the transition.

We are driven by mission to advance sustainable business by creating clarity in the online space overflowing with incoherent ESG data and green marketing. We aspire to be the first global platform for anyone ‘thinking sustainability’ and empower them on their mission by providing access to relevant data and resources.

Our Team

ESG is more than a ‘cool’ term to us. We are a seasoned, multi-cultural, and multi-discipline team with a shared passion to make a real difference in the world of business. With over 15-year experience in the sectors of finance, digitalization, and sustainability, we enjoy cracking company data and supporting businesses that go beyond green marketing and really make a difference.

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