WSP Korea Signs Agreements to Innovate Sustainable Future

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WSP Global Inc.

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WSP has made agreements with Seunghwa Technologies Co. and SDX Foundation to innovate for a sustainable future. Bruce Choi, who is in charge of WSP Korea, confirmed the partnerships with the leaders of both important partners. This would let WSP take another full-fledged step toward a more sustainable future in line with its unique Future Ready approach by looking into the high-quality, innovative services and products they offer.

Seunghwa Technologies is a company that focuses on asset management and the production of clean energy. Due to the fast growth of domestic social overhead capital (SOC) infrastructure and the construction industry, the Korean market has been demanding strong project management skills for urban renewal and infrastructure projects, especially in the areas of safety-secured facility asset management and systematic budget management.

WSP's global competency and knowledge in construction engineering and consultancy, together with Seunghwa Technologies’ skillset in asset management on infrastructure, AI, and eco-friendly construction business, will discover new ways to face such trends.

The goal of the company's work with the SDX Foundation is to create a net-zero practice. Through a digital transformation (DX) platform, SDX leads the way in pursuing sustainable development. The goal of the collaboration is to create synergy in reducing carbon emissions and adjusting ecosystems in the private sector so that businesses, organisations, governments, and the international community can work together to reach Net Zero.

At WSP, they are change-makers who aren't afraid to question ideas and act to make positive changes that last. These partnerships will be very important for coming up with strategies and new ideas that promote sustainability and help reach Net Zero. The company is looking forward to results that will make a difference for clients, their communities, and the built environment as a whole.

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