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WSP, a renowned leader in sustainability consulting, has achieved remarkable success by winning three prestigious awards.

These accolades, namely Creating Resilient & Sustainable Communities, Impact, and Sustainability M&A of the Year, recognise WSP's unwavering dedication to making a positive and sustainable impact on people, communities, and the environment.

Presented at the recent ceremony held during the Environment Analyst's Global Business Summit in Chicago, these awards honour consultants who have made significant strides in their own sustainable transformation as well as that of their clients.

"I am delighted that Environment Analyst has acknowledged our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These awards showcase our ESG impact, our sustainability-driven mergers and acquisitions, and our transparent reporting practices," said Alexandre L'Heureux, President and CEO of WSP. "As one of the largest professional services firms and dedicated environmental consultants, we take pride in utilising WSP's expertise and global reach to drive sustainable change in our operations and our clients' journeys."


Creating Resilient & Sustainable Communities

Leveraging its expertise in environmental justice and the green energy transition, WSP collaborated with Microsoft to develop a roadmap that paves the way for achieving equity, diversity, and community-led environmental justice in renewable energy procurement.


WSP remains committed to creating purposeful and positive ESG impacts on its employees, clients, and the communities it serves. Notable achievements from the 2022 Global ESG report include:

  • Approximately 59.3% of WSP's total annualised gross revenues in 2022 were derived from services aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Total greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1, scope 2, market-based, and scope 3) were reduced by 26% in 2022 compared to the 2018 baseline.

  • WSP successfully achieved its goal of a 5% annual increase in the representation of women and underrepresented groups in its workforce in 2022.

  • ESG criteria were fully integrated into the compensation of WSP's global leadership.

  • WSP unveiled its Biodiversity Statement, which outlines guiding principles for engaging with clients to protect, restore, and enhance ecosystems.

Sustainability M&A of the Year

WSP's acquisition of the Environment & Infrastructure (E&I) division of Wood Group Plc. in 2022 bolstered its environmental consulting business, addressing global priorities in environmental and infrastructure needs. This acquisition expanded WSP's expertise in key sectors, including the rapidly growing environmental and water sectors.

With the addition of over 6,000 E&I professionals in more than 10 countries, WSP now boasts a global workforce of 23,000 environmental consultants. This strategic move has propelled WSP's momentum in tackling challenging and complex projects, contributing to a more sustainable world.

To learn more about the Environment Analyst's Sustainability Consulting Awards 2023, click here for detailed information.

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