Sub-Saharan Africa: Climate-Proofing Hydropower

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KnowESG_Sub-Saharan Africa: Climate-Proofing Hydropower
Image courtesy of Serengeti Energy

Serengeti Energy, a leader in renewable energy, joined forces with Proparco, a French development finance institution, to secure a €2,50,000 grant.

This collaboration aims to strengthen climate change adaptation for Serengeti Energy's power plants across sub-Saharan Africa.

The initiative comes after recent severe floods ravaged Kasese District in Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This area houses two of Serengeti Energy's hydropower facilities. The floods highlight the critical need for firm measures to adapt to climate change, protecting essential infrastructure and supporting nearby communities.

Grant Focuses on Three Key Areas

  • Fortifying Infrastructure: This includes hydrological analysis, climate risk assessments, and proposals for adaptation action plans.

  • Environmental Monitoring: The grant will enhance Serengeti Energy's ability to monitor environmental factors, such as river sediment load. This data will help track climate change impacts and adjust operations to minimise ecological disruption.

  • Staff Training: Comprehensive training programmes will equip staff with the skills needed to manage climate challenges, optimise operations, and maintain assets efficiently.

By implementing these advanced adaptation and mitigation measures, the grant will ensure Serengeti Energy's power plants remain operational and reliable despite increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and environmental changes.

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