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Hexagon's sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary, R-evolution, has unveiled its forest initiative, Green Cubes, designed to propel global biodiversity rainforest conservation.

Using Hexagon's reality capture technology, Green Cubes employs a unique approach to measure and visualise the rainforest's volume and complexity in 3D, allowing corporations to sponsor specific rainforest segments based on cubic metres.

The Green Cubes make their debut in Costa Rica, supporting the preservation and growth of the COBIGA corridor, a habitat for various endangered species. R-evolution has formed a partnership with La Gamba Tropenstation, an Austrian research station affiliated with the University of Vienna, aiming to map 100 square kilometres of rainforest, with a focus on 500 hectares equivalent to 125 million Green Cubes.

Paolo Guglielmini, President and CEO of Hexagon, said, "We are reshaping the trajectory for biodiversity and the future of our planet, leveraging Hexagon's technology to safeguard vital ecosystems. Green Cubes represents a transformative opportunity for local communities, environmentally committed corporations, and our planet."

Fueled by Hexagon's digital reality platform (HxDR), R-evolution has pioneered the Green Cubes Methodology, an effective approach to forest monitoring and visualisation. This methodology seamlessly integrates technology and science to create a digital twin of the forest, utilising Hexagon's advanced airborne hybrid image and LiDAR sensors, along with ground-based reality capture technology to measure and visualise forest volume, complexity, and biodiversity indicators.

The alarming 69% decline in wildlife populations due to deforestation, livestock farming, and palm oil production, as reported by the World Wildlife Fund, prompted R-evolution to launch Green Cubes. The initiative aims to safeguard vital biodiversity rainforest corridors by collaborating with leading scientists and local communities, meeting ESG contribution requirements for corporate sponsors, and providing forest owners with a sustainable, recurring income to make conservation financially viable.

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Source: Hexagon


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