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Climate action and API technology platform One Tribe has partnered with Mash Media to reduce scope one, two, and three emissions at the organiser’s events.

The key to the strategy is leveraging nature-based offsets to compensate for its carbon footprint, along with the decarbonisation of Mash Media’s events.

Mash Media aims to compensate for the emissions produced during the creation of its events, including this year’s Exhibition News Supplier Awards and Conference News Sustainability Summit.

Attendees can follow Mash Media’s impact journey for each event by monitoring the ‘trees protected’ per individual attendee. The Mash Media team will utilise technology, audience engagement, and environmental activism to allow event exhibitors and attendees to reflect on their environmental footprint and actively improve their impact.

As Mash Media’s primary sustainability partner, One Tribe aims to drive a collaboration that highlights the longevity of protecting nature as part of the ultimate pursuit of Net Zero. The partnership not only overcompensates the carbon footprint of event production but also factors in the individual attendees’ footprints.

Ric Porteus, CEO of One Tribe, said: “One Tribe is incredibly excited to partner with Mash Media to make their events and products net positive.

“As the central hub of the events industry, Mash Media is a key industry partner who is not only promoting their ESG credentials but also leading by example on how to effectively improve their environmental footprint.”

One Tribe leverages bespoke API technology that connects event leaders with access to offset projects worldwide. QR code data extracted from each event not only engages audiences but also provides valuable footprint data that allows the event leaders to effectively manage and offset an exhibition’s carbon footprint.

Jack Newey, portfolio director, Conference News, said: “Working with One Tribe allows us to be more transparent with our sustainable goals while communicating to our exhibitors and attendees how their habits impact our footprint. Sustainability is something that the industry needs to be acting upon in the immediate future; our partnership will ensure we are playing our part to promote greener events.”

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