Mahindra Susten Joins Water-Positive Movement in India

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Mahindra Susten, a top renewable energy company in India, received a 'Water Positive Verification' certificate for its entire operating portfolio in the fiscal year 2023.

This recognition, given by TUV India, shows Susten's commitment to eco-friendly initiatives and water conservation.

The certification comes after checking project locations in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. TUV India's assessment reveals that Susten's renewable energy portfolio, totalling over 1.5 GWp, has a Water Footprint Index score of 15 (Positive), meaning the water recharged is 15 times greater than what was used.

Deepak Thakur, MD & CEO of Mahindra Susten, said, "As part of the Mahindra Group's goal to be Planet Positive by 2040, Susten is actively contributing to this shared objective. Despite the traditionally water-intensive nature of the solar sector, we have achieved a 100% water-positive portfolio by taking significant steps towards sustainable operations."

Thakur said Susten's commitment to sustainability aligned with their core purpose of 're-imagining clean energy, empowering lives.' The company aims to set benchmarks for responsible corporate practices and contribute to a more sustainable and water-positive future.

The 'Water Positive Verification' certificate symbolises Susten's comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship and resource preservation. Recognising the water challenges in solar projects, particularly in water-stressed regions like Rajasthan, Mahindra Susten proactively addressed the issue by adopting a three-step strategy to improve its Water Footprint Index:

  • Reducing water consumption: Using high-quality water spray pumps, water piping systems, and innovative module cleaning brushes.

  • Eliminating water for module cleaning: Investing in advanced technology like dry-cleaning robots, with 63% of the portfolio currently using these robots. This initiative conserves nearly 67 million litres of water annually, equivalent to meeting the basic water needs of 50,000 people throughout the year.

  • Water conservation: Implementing sustainable practices such as groundwater recharge systems with artificial recharge ponds and rainwater harvesting recharge pits.

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Source: Mahindra


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