EA, BAFS Team Up for Sustainable Skies

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Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA) and Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited (BAFS) announced a collaboration to explore the production and distribution of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

This partnership aims to promote Thailand's aviation industry and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Commitment to Sustainability

Somphot Ahunai, Chairman of EA, stressed the company's dedication to sustainable business practices that leverage Thai innovation to enhance the country's competitiveness. Investing in SAF, a biofuel for airplanes, aligns with Thailand's commitment to carbon neutrality as pledged at COP26.

Combining Strengths

This collaboration brings together the expertise of two leading Thai organisations. EA's clean energy leadership and BAFS's extensive experience in aviation fuel management will create a strong foundation for SAF production, storage, and potentially other related businesses. This partnership has the potential to position Thailand as a leader in sustainable aviation fuel production within ASEAN.

Open Access and Collaboration

M.L. Natthasit Diskul, President of BAFS, said BAFS and EA have collaborated to establish an open-access SAF blending facility. The facility would handle SAF from various sustainable feedstocks, combining BAFS's 40-year history in aviation fuel management with EA's clean energy expertise.

The facility will prioritise strategic placement to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and ensure easy access for all fuel companies. The goal is to foster a free market for sustainable aviation fuel trade, supporting all SAF producers.

Quality Assurance and International Standards

BAFS's experience in aviation fuel quality inspection will ensure airlines trust the quality of SAF produced in Thailand. Their personnel are certified by the ISCC organisation to inspect and certify SAF according to international standards, verifying sustainability compliance and carbon emission reduction.

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

This partnership promotes a sustainable aviation industry in Thailand by reducing carbon emissions, driving the business sector towards a sustainable future, and contributing to the country's Net Zero goal.

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