DPL's ESG Vision 2030 Unveiled

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Dipped Products proudly introduced their ESG Roadmap 2030, aptly named "DPL Pulse," on the 14th of August.

While this significant moment stands as a pivotal marker in their pursuit of sustainability, it aligns seamlessly with a series of proactive measures they have previously undertaken.

From harnessing renewable energy sources to adopting responsible waste management practices, their unwavering commitment to sustainability remains an ongoing journey.

The inauguration of "DPL Pulse" signifies their elevation to the next level of dedication as they establish ambitious 2030 targets aligned with their core principles and aspirations.

The event enjoyed the esteemed presence of notable figures, including Mr. Mohan Pandithage, Chairman of Hayleys; Mr. Rajitha Kariyawasan, Deputy Chairman of DPL; Hayleys Directors; Mr. Pushpika Janadheera, Managing Director of DPL; DPL Directors; GMC members; and dedicated employees.

As a symbol of collective responsibility, each attendee received a plant during the launch, a poignant reminder that just as nurturing effort propels these plants to grow, the flourishing of their ESG roadmap thrives on resolute commitment.

In the forthcoming weeks, they invite all to delve deeper into the core of their sustainability expedition, building upon the foundational achievements of the past while striding ahead with renewed resolve. Their aim transcends meeting set objectives and reaches towards surpassing them.

Together, they are shaping a future in which actions eloquently outshine words.

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Source: Dipped Products


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