Chestertons Unveils E-Bike Initiative

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Chestertons has taken a pioneering step by becoming the first corporate partner to join forces with London's renowned e-bike operator, Forest (formerly known as Human Forest).

The collaboration aims to make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact by promoting a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Through the innovative 'Forest Commuter' employee scheme, Chestertons will sponsor numerous membership packages for its staff. The company encourages its employees to trade their electric cars for Forest's eco-friendly e-bikes, which they can use for daily commutes and property viewings.

John Ennis, CEO of Chestertons, expressed his pride in the dedication displayed by the company's staff. Despite their busy schedules, they actively strive to develop partnerships that benefit the planet's health and cleanliness. The alliance with Forest aligns with Chestertons' commitment to a greener future.

Forest, which recently rebranded from Human Forest, operates London's most sustainable shared e-bike programme. The company prides itself on relying solely on certified renewable energy and human-powered efforts.

The collaboration between Chestertons and Forest was spearheaded by Fion Wang, one of Chestertons' 'Green Champions,' who previously facilitated the company's enrollment in the Camden Clean Air Initiative.

Wang highlighted the growing interest among Chestertons' staff in minimising their carbon footprint and making a positive environmental impact. To address these concerns, a group of 'Green Champions' has been formed to brainstorm and implement various environmentally friendly initiatives. The partnership with Forest marks the second significant environmental venture launched by Chestertons this summer, with more exciting projects in the pipeline.

Jamie Richards, Head of Sales at Forest, expressed delight in having Chestertons as the inaugural 'Forest Commuter' partner. Given Chestertons' position as a prominent London estate agency, the collaboration holds immense promise. The partnership enables more companies to adopt an active, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to commuting and navigating the city.

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Source: Chestertons


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