UltraTech Electrifies Clinker Transport, Cuts Emissions

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KnowESG_UltraTech Electrifies Clinker Transport, Cuts Emissions
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UltraTech Cement Limited, India's top cement and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) company, rolled out five electric trucks for moving clinker from its cement plant in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, to its grinding unit in Dhule, Maharashtra—a move to make transportation more eco-friendly.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, UltraTech set up three charging stations—one at each plant and one along the way. By switching from regular trucks to these electric ones, they expect to cut about 680 MT of CO2 emissions each year, showing UltraTech's commitment to being eco-friendly.

According to Mr. K C Jhanwar, Managing Director of UltraTech Cement Limited, "At UltraTech, we are focused on being sustainable in everything we do. Bringing in these electric trucks, along with our CNG and LNG trucks, is a big step for us in supporting 'green mobility.'"

UltraTech is working towards its promise to have 500 electric trucks and 1000 CNG/LNG vehicles in action by June 2025, part of the Indian government's eFAST initiative.

They are teaming up with logistics partners to replace traditional diesel vehicles with CNG and LNG trucks.

UltraTech was among the first in the cement industry in India to start using 'Green Logistics,' introducing CNG vehicles in 2021 and LNG vehicles in 2022. They now have more than 390 CNG trucks and 50 LNG trucks working across 17 manufacturing units, making clear their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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Source: UltraTech


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