Philips Says It is Carbon-Neutral Now

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Since the introduction of its Terracycle programme, Philips has recycled over 40,000 dental items, making it a carbon-neutral company. It is at the forefront of the circular economy transformation and is now carbon neutral. The company is positively benefiting both people's health and wellness, as well as the environment, by adopting innovative business models and reinventing methods to increase the lifetime value of goods and solutions.

The company's environmental achievements include achieving carbon neutrality in operation, recycling 90 per cent of operational waste, committing to zero waste to landfills from industrial sites, achieving 15 per cent of sales from circular products and solutions, and 71 per cent of sales from green products and services.

The award-winning dental hygienist, Anna Middleton, said:

"The importance of sustainability is a growing concern for our patients. It is reassuring to be able to recommend carbon neutral products that do not compromise on oral healthcare. Some of my patients were reluctant to use an electric toothbrush until they understood that Philips Sonicare was not harming the environment."

Every year, millions of dental care products are disposed of in landfills or incinerated in the United Kingdom. To tackle this, Philips and Terracycle have partnered to create the Dental Care Recycling Programme, which encourages patients to recycle their plastic dental goods at their dentist's office.

The Philips Recycling Programme has collected 41,454 items of packaging so far through the initiative.

Kayley McCauley, dental hygienist and therapist and director of Dorset Clinics, has adopted the recycling scheme and said:

"The Terracycle scheme ensures our patients can be conscientious about both their oral health and the planet’s health, and we are so pleased to build towards being a more sustainable practice."

"Our patients appreciate that recycling oral health product is simple and that we are helping them consider the environment."

Source: Dentistry

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