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Philips, HEINEKEN, Nobian, and Signify rejoice as Finland's largest operational wind farm opens its doors, providing a renewable electricity guarantee for the consortium.

This landmark 10-year agreement with Neoen will deliver 330 GWh annually, equivalent to powering 40,000 households while helping to avoid over 230,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

In a groundbreaking pan-European accord, the consortium committed to procuring renewable electricity from the wind farm through a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for the first decade, starting in 2020. While the electricity is physically delivered to the Finnish grid, the consortium partners benefit from Guarantees of Origin, ensuring income stability for the renewable project and a reliable source of clean energy.

Robert Metzke, Global Head of Sustainability at Philips, comments on the renewable electricity partnership, stating that it sets a new standard for jointly increasing green energy supply across Europe. The opening of the Mutkalampi wind farm ensures a secure renewable electricity supply for the next decade, powering global operations and facilitating customers' transition to sustainable healthcare. This achievement is a significant step toward achieving Philips' 2025 climate targets.

Maurice Loosschilder, Signify's Head of Sustainability, expresses pride in the groundbreaking partnership, which enables powering European operations with renewable electricity for the next ten years. This commitment accelerates the transition to clean energy in Europe and empowers Signify to meet its operational electricity needs while adhering to sustainability goals. Loosschilder emphasises Signify's dedication to reducing emissions at a pace twice as fast as the 1.5-degree scenario in the Paris Agreement by the end of 2025.

Marco Faes, Director Corporate Affairs Europe at Heineken, shares the brewery's commitment to decarbonisation as part of their ambition to "Brew a Better World." Through the partnership, the wind farm in Mutkalampi takes them closer to their goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity in Europe within a year. Faes underscores Heineken's broader global aspiration of reaching net-zero emissions in scopes 1 and 2 by 2030, encompassing all breweries and logistics sites.

Johan Hospers, Director Energy at Nobian, highlights the importance of securing a share of the Mutkalampi wind farm's output to support the sustainability objectives outlined in Nobian's "Grow Greener Together" strategy. This commitment, along with that of the consortium partners, exemplifies the industry's contribution to a greener future and a sustainable energy system.

The Mutkalampi wind farm, developed, owned, and operated by Neoen, a leading independent producer of renewable energy, serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of these prominent companies in advancing clean and sustainable power generation.

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