Nikon Joins Japan Climate Leaders Partnership

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Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is now a member of the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP), which is a group of companies working towards achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 2050. As part of this partnership, Nikon is dedicated to creating a sustainable, decarbonised society.

Nikon Group's Long-Term Environmental Vision includes achieving carbon neutrality by FY 2050 and promoting a decarbonised society. To reach this goal, Nikon is participating in RE100, an international initiative to use 100% renewable energy for business activities.

Nikon has now joined JCLP, demonstrating its commitment to supporting the Paris Agreement's vision of a decarbonised society. The company aims to contribute to sustainable development in the region through its own decarbonisation practices.

Japan Climate Leader's Partnership is a coalition of companies established in 2009 to realise a decarbonised society. It currently has 230 members from various industries, including leading Japanese companies, and promotes collaboration with local governments and international organisations to achieve its objective. The partnership is also a contact point for the promotion of RE100, EV100, and EP100 initiatives.

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