FiscalNote ESG Solutions' Equilibrium and Work Management Platform Leader Asana Announce Integration for Decarbonisation and ESG Workflow Management

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FiscalNote, a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that delivers legal and regulatory data and insights, announced that Asana, a leading work management platform for organisations, is now integrated with Equilibrium's award-winning platform ecosystem.

The integration is a breakthrough because it gives companies the tools they need to handle complex decarbonisation and ESG workflows. The integration includes reporting and disclosures across environmental, social, and governance themes such as carbon emissions, nature loss, board composition, labour practices, and more.

Equilibrium - part of FiscalNote ESG Solutions - is a next-generation, AI-powered ESG solution helping global organisations transform their sustainability data management across their operations and supply chains. Equilibrium lets enterprise teams move beyond static spreadsheets and old technologies to manage their organisation's decarbonisation, ESG performance, and how the market sees them.

“We’ve built this carbon management and ESG reporting integration with Asana’s best-in-class work management platform to help teams around the world navigate the growing complexity and size of ESG transformations,” said Frank Meehan, General Manager, FiscalNote ESG Solutions. “Equilibrium, in partnership with Asana, can now support ESG tasks regardless of an organisation’s size, geographic distribution, or industry. We believe this will not only enhance our customers’ ability to meet ESG reporting and disclosure requirements but help them stay ahead of the regulatory curve and demonstrate powerful and effective ESG leadership.”

Supporting Prominent ESG Frameworks and Standards

The collaboration between Equilibrium and Asana will make the complicated and time-consuming ESG work management process much easier and make it easier to connect teams and workflows that are currently separate. At the disclosure level, the integration guides enterprise teams through well-known ESG reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB, TCFD, and the GHG Protocol.

As an example, disclosures may be given to users of both Asana and Equilibrium. Someone on the ESG team might be in charge of writing high-level TCFD disclosures, while someone else on the finance team might be in charge of filling out GRI governance disclosures. Now, the integration between Equilibrium and Asana makes it easy to sync and update who owns tasks on both platforms.

Catherine Buan, Head of Investor Relations at Asana, said:

"The current process for ESG reporting at many companies is complicated and spread out across spreadsheets, email, presentations, meetings, and more." “Now organisations can leverage Asana templates from Equilibrium’s solution across their entire organisation, so they can immediately start executing on their most important initiatives. By enabling organisations to increase visibility and better manage their ESG efforts, we’re helping them achieve their sustainability goals faster.”

The integration also includes a curated playbook for ESG reporting, preloaded with tasks that can be assigned in the Asana platform. In the future, the integration will be expanded into Equilibrium's "Goals" module so that teams can set measurable ESG goals and then give ownership to different departments or individual members.

Learn more about the Equilibrium-Asana integration here.

Source: FiscalNote

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