The Adecco Group assists Ukrainian refugees in getting jobs

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Helping Refugees

Today, the Adecco Group is launching a dedicated global jobs platform, which will be powered by its Adecco brand. This platform will make it possible for displaced people from Ukraine to connect with employment opportunities.

The Adecco Group, a global workforce solutions company, has launched a new portal dedicated to connecting job seekers from Ukraine with employers in countries where the Adecco Group has a presence. The website,, is a free-to-post platform that can be accessed in Ukrainian or English. The platform offers job search capabilities in nearly 60 countries, access to free online training modules, resources for reskilling and upskilling, and links to government sites with information on labor regulations.

Alain Dehaze, Chief Executive Officer of the Adecco Group said: “For more than a decade, we have worked to enable people displaced by conflict to re-enter the world of work in their host countries. We are now leveraging this experience, combined with our core business expertise and scale, to help support people from Ukraine in the context of the current crisis."

"Finding work and meaningful employment is critical to enabling refugees secure financial stability, and underpins their ability to begin new lives and secure futures. We invite organizations across Europe and beyond to participate in this initiative by posting their open roles and offering opportunities to people from Ukraine as they begin to re-establish their lives in neighboring countries.”

While the Adecco Group does not have any direct operations in either Russia or Ukraine, the Group has enabled employment for thousands of people from Ukraine in nearby countries in recent years. Across the Group, they continue to support displaced people from previous and ongoing crises, including Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, to enter the labor market, particularly in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Greece. This new initiative is a continuation of their commitment to help people displaced by conflict to re-enter the workforce and to support people from Ukraine in the current crisis.

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