Sustainable Business Training for SMEs in Lagos, Ghana

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Small and medium-sized business owners in Lagos, Abuja, and Ghana were recently trained on how to scale and generate sustainable business.

Olufemi Olumide, a business coach and fellow of International Management Consultants, held a masterclass titled 'Business Acceleration Masterclass' to train operators of small businesses under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 (UNSDG 8), which promotes sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

“As we know, economies grow when more workers have access to jobs and when workers are more productive,” he said.

“The Business Acceleration Masterclass is aimed at helping business owners build systems around their daily operations that can support speedy growth and help them generate extra revenue for their businesses,” he said.

“The masterclass was geared towards multiplying the workforce, revenue, customers, and assets of the business owners.”

He stated that the masterclass was designed to help business owners multiply their workforce, revenue, customers, and assets.

He also mentioned that participants had the opportunity to analyse their business strategy with him, which allowed them to understand where they needed to minimise costs and maximise revenue.

The workshop also featured real-life case studies to assist entrepreneurs in preparing for possible eventualities in the operation of their company.

The Lagos and Abuja editions included involved partners such as Prospa Technology Limited, which trained business owners on the use of cost-effective payment systems, as well as other renowned trainers such as Triciabiz, which trained on marketing, Toni Olumide, the brand strategist, Peter Eze, and Don Azubuike, who provided the participants with the tools they needed to help them accelerate their business growth.

The Master Class is planned to go around different towns and cities in West Africa, the most recent being Ghana, which featured notable trainers such as Patty the Strategist.

Olumide, a management consultant and business coach with over ten years of experience, has worked with several well-known firms at home and abroad.

He stated that his goal is to train 10 million African business owners to use the Business Acceleration Masterclass model as a tool to help them grow their businesses.

Source: Business Day

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