Bain & Company and Green Story Help Tod's Cut Carbon

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Luxury goods consultancy Bain & Company and software company Green Story have teamed up to help luxury brands track the environmental impact of their products from start to finish.

They are currently working with Tod's, the famous Italian shoe and leather brand.

This collaboration combines Bain's deep knowledge of sustainability in luxury fashion, supply chains, and customer trends with Green Story's advanced technology platform, science-based approach to carbon footprinting, and proven methods to empower consumers to make informed choices.

“The environmental impact of fashion is increasing, and the industry is taking on new meaning, intertwining durability, quality, impact, and other external elements,” said Claudia D’Arpizio, partner and global head of Fashion & Luxury at Bain & Company.

“Consumers are increasingly becoming champions for sustainability, and they are eager to see their favorite brands accelerating on their ESG ambitions. Our work with Green Story provides the opportunity to quantify products’ related impacts as the brand becomes more engaged and systematic about its products’ footprint”, added Matteo Capellini, expert partner within Sustainability & Responsibility practice at Bain & Company.

“We’re excited and proud to partner with Bain in delivering Product Sustainability solutions to brands worldwide.” said Akhil Sivanandan, Co-Founder and President of Green Story. “Our seasoned team, led by Dr. Kannan Muthu, a world-renowned expert in Life Cycle Assessment, is at the core of Green Story, ensuring our unwavering commitment to data excellence and expertise. Together with Bain, we're dedicated to helping Tod's assess the precise environmental footprint of three iconic products. Leveraging our consumer insights and expertise, we aim to support Tod's in developing actionable, science-based initiatives.

“Since its foundation, the Tod’s brand is synonymous with quality, heritage, and craftmanship excellence, values that today need to be rooted in a sustainable mindset and approach” said Carlo Alberto Beretta, Tod’s General Brand Manager. “This project is part of the company’s strong commitment towards customers’ centricity fostered by the quantification and progressive reduction of product-related environmental impacts. Bain and Green Story bring valuable industry expertise and technical capabilities that enrich our robust sustainability agenda.”

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