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AuditBoard, a leading cloud platform for managing audits, risk, compliance, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) programmes, announced a partnership with Persefoni, a leader in Climate Management & Accounting Platforms (CMAP).

This collaboration aims to streamline how organisations integrate carbon accounting into their broader ESG initiatives.

Why the Focus on ESG?

ESG reporting has become a top priority for executives, investors, and regulators. Nearly all S&P 500 companies already report sustainability data, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently finalised a rule requiring public companies to disclose climate-related information. This highlights the growing need for consistent, reliable, and comparable reporting on climate risks.

A Streamlined Solution

AuditBoard ESG, part of their connected risk platform, helps companies meet these growing reporting demands by centralising data and simplifying tasks like evidence collection, climate risk management, and reporting. Persefoni's CMAP software brings consistency, transparency, and control to the carbon accounting process. It simplifies data collection, automates calculations, and minimises risks throughout the process.

By combining Persefoni's expertise in carbon accounting with AuditBoard's powerful risk management platform, organisations gain a comprehensive solution for ESG management. This ensures the auditability of climate risks and greenhouse gas (GHG) data.

Benefits for Businesses

Evergy, a client of both AuditBoard and Persefoni, highlighted the user-friendliness and seamless data integration between the two platforms. "We're excited to leverage this integrated solution to meet the upcoming assurance requirements under the SEC's new climate rule," said Melissa Michels, Senior Manager of Corporate Sustainability at Evergy.

“As climate-related regulations continue to evolve, comprehensive carbon accounting technology that is integrated into a robust risk management framework is essential for effective compliance,” said Evan Fitzpatrick, Chief Product Officer at AuditBoard. “By partnering with Persefoni, we’re able to help organizations build reliable, audit-ready carbon accounting processes while streamlining ESG data management and reporting. We’re thrilled to bring this joint solution to our customers.”

“With climate-related disclosures becoming mandatory for public companies, having regulatory grade, audit-ready carbon metrics is a critical component of broader ESG program management,” said Grant Berry, President, NA & EMEA at Persefoni. “By integrating our carbon accounting metrics with AuditBoard’s best-in-class connected risk platform, organizations have an unmatched solution to ensure reliable sustainability data today and into the future. Our joint solution with AuditBoard will also help clients keep up with requests from regulators, investors, and customers.”

Call to Action

For more information on navigating ESG regulations and climate risk reporting, attend the free webinar offered by AuditBoard and Persefoni. You can also visit their websites for additional resources.

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