Surging Demand for Eco-Friendly DHL Transport

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DHL Global Forwarding, the expert in air and ocean freight within the DHL Group, is witnessing a surge in demand for eco-friendly transport solutions centered on the utilisation of sustainable fuels, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs).

As discussions unfold with both current customers and potential partners in procurement processes, an increasing number of shipping entities are not only seeking enhanced transparency in Greenhouse Gas Emissions but are also actively exploring sustainable alternatives, even if they entail additional costs.

DHL Global Forwarding's innovative GoGreen Plus service has caught the attention of companies like Novo Nordisk, a prominent life-science firm, which has embarked on a trajectory of decarbonisation for its air freight shipments, targeting a reduction of at least 30,000 tonnes of CO2e in 2023.

The momentum towards sustainability is heartening, affirming the collective belief that the time to embark on decarbonisation efforts is now. A growing contingent of clients is adopting sustainability as a fundamental element of their business strategies.

DHL Global Forwarding is elated to showcase the efficacy of solutions like the GoGreen Plus service, powered by sustainable fuels, in efficiently curtailing transport-related emissions. While the prospect of e-fuels like hydrogen and other sustainably produced synthetic fuels is projected to crystallise by 2030, the immediate path forward involves a substantial escalation of sustainable biofuel adoption. This concerted endeavour necessitates collaborative action, as noted by Thomas George, Chief Commercial Officer at DHL Global Forwarding.

Among the champions of this sustainable shift is Novo Nordisk, a trailblazer in diabetes care solutions. The company's commitment to the well-being of its patients is mirrored in its conscientious and sustainable business practices, intricately woven into its Circular for Zero strategy.

Dorethe Nielsen, Vice President of Circular for Zero, Corporate Environmental Strategy at Novo Nordisk, emphasised the significance of their endeavours in air freight emissions reduction, particularly in the context of supplying life-saving medications globally. Their aspiration transcends their own transformation, aiming to inspire other enterprises to embark on similar trajectories and effectively mitigate their emissions footprint.

DHL extends an invitation to its clientele to embark on a journey of transport decarbonisation through the innovative GoGreen Plus service. In this unique arrangement, carriers embrace sustainable biofuels on behalf of DHL, leading to quantifiable reductions in emissions.

These emissions savings are then attributed to DHL and subsequently allocated to the shippers. In line with these efforts, DHL Global Forwarding is actively participating in the pilot programme for the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting Framework, in collaboration with other key stakeholders, under the guidance of the Smart Freight Centre.

The framework's novel approach dissociates the accounting of environmental attributes from the physical flow of fuels, ensuring both environmental integrity and alignment with established industry standards.

Concurrently, it offers companies a pragmatic accounting framework as an initial step toward a comprehensive industry benchmark. Notably, the streamlined GoGreen Plus service can be effortlessly accessed through DHL Global Forwarding's digital customer platform, myDHLi, epitomising the seamless fusion of sustainable practices with technological convenience.

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Source: DHL


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