Starbucks Introduces Reusable Cup Program Inside Seattle HQ

Published on: 9 March 2022 01:55 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

Starbucks has recently announced that as part of their planet positive commitment, they are eliminating single-use cups in the Seattle office's Starbucks café. With the innovative program in place, they set a bold aspiration to store more carbon, eliminate more waste, conserve and replenish more freshwater.

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The company's aspiration includes setting targets to cut carbon, waste and water footprints in half by 2030. It facilitates the customers to use reusable cups and eliminate single-use cup waste. At SODO 8, in Starbuk's Seattle office, where the Starbucks café located, they are leading a mission to eliminate single-use cups, and 100 per cent of beverages served will be in reusable cups. 

The SODO 8 Reusable Cup Program or The Borrow-a-cup Program, works as the following:

  1. Order what you want.

  2. The drink will be served in a Borrow-a-cup.

  3. Enjoy yourselves the drink.

  4. Deposit the cup in one of the kiosks around the building or the kitchen areas. The cup will then be washed and sanitised professionally to use again. 

SODO 8's location in the Seattle Headquarters will help the company live up to its values and receive quick feedback to make changes to enhance the program. Starbucks expects to reduce landfill waste by 50 per cent.

The program is a test, while Borrow-a-cup is a permanent feature at the office. The company is interested in receiving feedback about how well the program fits into the current operations. It also wants to know how the employees feel about the program, like, Do customers enjoy drinking from the cup? Do they rinse the cups before returning?.

The program, so far, is only being tested in a few Starbucks locations. In the meantime, customers can bring clean, personal cups to the cafés and get discounts on their drinks.