Petrofac Earns UAE's Gold Seal for Sustainable Impact

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Petrofac's commitment to sustainability and its recent recognition with the Gold Impact Seal reinforce its position as a responsible and respected company in the UAE.

Building on this achievement, Petrofac aims to further amplify its positive impact on society and the environment.

With a strong focus on aligning its procurement approach with the UAE's national objectives, Petrofac continues to contribute to the country's sustainable development. By embracing new energies and digital solutions, the company is actively addressing sustainability challenges and finding innovative ways to overcome them. This dedication to promoting innovation in the workplace has been acknowledged as a key area of excellence.

Ali Abdulla, a representative of Petrofac, emphasised the company's dedication to creating value for the UAE through its local delivery model. The Gold Impact Seal is a testament to Petrofac's continuous efforts to support the nation's priorities and establish a strong presence in the region. By receiving this prestigious recognition, Petrofac aims to inspire other entities to adopt sustainable impact practices aligned with environmental, social, and governance criteria.

Administered by Majra, the National CSR Fund, the Impact Seal plays a crucial role in setting the framework and governance for Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE. Petrofac appreciates the opportunity to participate in this initiative and contribute to the country's sustainable development goals.

Having established its presence in the UAE in 1991, Petrofac has nurtured a large and diverse workforce to support both local and international projects. As part of its commitment to In-Country Value, Petrofac actively promotes career opportunities for UAE nationals, prioritising Emiratisation. By providing a platform for local talent to thrive, Petrofac continues to contribute to the social and economic growth of the UAE.

To learn more about Petrofac's operations in the UAE and explore current career opportunities for UAE nationals, visit this link. Petrofac remains dedicated to its sustainability strategy and looks forward to making a lasting positive impact on society, the environment, and the UAE's future.

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Source: Petrofac


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