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Netflix, the American media company, has announced sustainability progress made in two years. The company is looking forward to putting ESG strategies into action and making the world a better place.

Decarbonisation of the film and TV production process to achieve sustainable entertainment

In response to the urgency highlighted by climate science, Netflix has set two short-term climate targets based on scientific consensus, with a focus on the next decade. The first target is to reduce their emissions by half before the year 2030. The second target is to achieve net-zero emissions by restoring nature and capturing carbon to support global net-zero goals.

As previously stated, the majority of the company's emissions result from the production of its films and series. Given that the production industry has traditionally relied on fossil fuels, reducing emissions is crucial for both environmental and business reasons.

The company has developed an OED framework to tackle this issue, which involves optimising energy use, electrifying equipment, and decarbonising remaining processes.

Under this framework, four main strategies have been identified: energy efficiency, electrification of vehicles, use of clean mobile power alternatives, and the use of renewable energy.

The company reported a 10% reduction in their 2021 emissions, which will be further detailed in its upcoming annual ESG report in June.

Additionally, to achieve its net-zero emissions promise, the company invested in natural solutions to retain and capture carbon. This approach aligns with the guidance provided by nine research, NGO, and multilateral government institutions that advocate for companies to invest in protecting, managing, and restoring nature, including purchasing high-quality nature-based carbon credits.

As the company continues to move forward, the groundwork laid during the planning and pilot stages will prove beneficial as it scales up its use of low-carbon electricity and fuel. This shift will also influence the vendors from whom the company rents stages, offices, and production equipment, thereby contributing to a broader ecosystem of low-carbon production.

According to Elizabeth Sturcken, Managing Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, Netflix is setting a new standard for industry leadership by aligning its operations with scientific principles, pioneering innovative approaches to protect nature, and promoting sustainability as a measurable priority to its suppliers. With progress made towards its ambitious near-term goals, Netflix is leveraging its platform to create positive change in this arena. Netflix is dedicated to taking significant steps towards climate action.

The idea of making sustainability entertaining involves supporting content creators who wish to better portray sustainability on screen

The impact of the changing climate and the emergence of innovative sustainability solutions is a significant story of our time, which content creators are already reflecting on screen at Netflix.

In 2022, over 165 million households globally, representing more than 70% of Netflix members, viewed at least one show that helped them better comprehend climate issues, featured optimistic solutions regarding sustainability, or both. To enable members to discover these stories more easily, Netflix has compiled a collection of more than 200 series, films, and specials called "Sustainability Stories."

It's great to see sustainability being represented in a variety of ways across Netflix's content. The "green premise" titles can certainly have a significant impact on raising awareness and sparking conversations around climate issues, but the "green contributions" and "green moments" in other shows and films help to normalise sustainability and make it a more integrated part of our everyday lives. It's important to have a diversity of representations and approaches to sustainability on screen so that people from all walks of life can relate to and engage with these important issues.

Netflix is committed to updating and sharing progress on its sustainability efforts. It's important to acknowledge that making significant changes in sustainability requires ongoing effort and continuous improvement, so it's encouraging to see that Netflix recognises this and is committed to sharing progress and learnings with its audience.

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