Nasdaq's First Green Designations of 2022: Celebrating the Beginning of a Sustainable Future

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Lamor Corporation, Godsinlösen Nordic, Rebelle, and Nexam Chemical joined Nasdaq Green in 2022. It was created to help investors navigate complex ESG reporting. German company sells pre-owned accessories. Nexam Chemical is the first chemistry and polymer-focused company to achieve a Nasdaq Green Designation.

The Nasdaq Green Designations programme officially welcomed Lamor Corporation, Godsinlösen Nordic, Rebelle, and Nexam Chemical in the first quarter of 2022. In order to help listed firms promote their green business models, advance the green transition, and draw in sustainable investment with transparency and visibility, Nasdaq's European markets started the programme in 2021. A Nasdaq Green Designation makes it simple for investors to locate green companies. It was created to provide strong and acknowledged criteria for investors wishing to cut through the muck of complex ESG reporting.

Investment in sustainable projects is growing. Sustainable funds only brought in $5 billion in 2015. Investors contributed $51.1 billion to them in 2020, five years later—a rise of more than 900%, per MSCI statistics. That amount more than doubled in 2021 to reach $120 billion, and predictions for ESG investment in the future indicate that growth will continue. The CEO of iShares Americas at Blackrock recently told CNBC that by 2030, ESG investments might total $1 trillion.

Nasdaq Green Designations makes it simple for investors to locate firms that align with their goals and support a sustainable future. There are two sorts of criteria for the designations.

Companies with the Nasdaq Green Equity Designation must:

GDS vertical badges

More than 50% of their income came from what are called green business practises.

More than 50% of their investments go toward green initiatives.

Less than 5% of total revenue comes from the use of fossil fuels.

Companies applying for Nasdaq Green Equity Transition Designation must:

More than 50% of their investments go toward green initiatives.

Less than 50% of their income came from the use of fossil fuels.

In a recent Swedish interview led by Kajsa Söderberg, Adam Kostyál, Head of European Listings at Nasdaq, sat down with respected ESG expert Sasja Beslik to talk about Nasdaq Green Designations and the future of ESG investments.

Some renowned investing businesses in Europe already employ Nasdaq Green Designations. "A [market] standard makes our investment process easier, and it also makes our reporting to clients and stakeholders easier [because] we can point to a market standard," Fredrik Nyström, Head of Responsible Investments at hman Group, a Stockholm-based asset management company that manages EUR 10 billion, said in a recent TradeTalks interview.

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Nasdaq is showcasing each of these businesses in honour of our first four applicants for paving the road for a greener tomorrow:

As the first firm to file for a Nasdaq Green Designation while going public, Rebelle was Nasdaq's first green IPO., a marketplace for buying and selling upscale pre-owned fashion accessories, is run by the German business. Rebelle enhances circularity within the fashion business while raising consumer knowledge of sustainability through its portfolio of high-end fashion labels, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, and Prada.

"As we become a public company today, this marks a significant turning point in Rebelle's history. Rebelle's circular business strategy perfectly satisfies the worldwide megatrend in fashion re-commerce by capitalising on a rapidly expanding market and a necessary change in consumer behaviour. Furthermore, the Green Equity Designation is a significant confirmation of it," according to Cécile Wickmann, Rebelle's founder and CCO.

One of the first businesses with a focus on chemistry and polymers to receive a Nasdaq Green Designation is Nexam Chemical. The business creates solutions to improve the characteristics and functionality of various polymer kinds. Their business plan includes developing lightweight polymers that can accomplish more with less work, rebuilding degraded polymers to restore their performance, and simplifying polymers to improve recycling.

"Nasdaq's certification demonstrates that a business can be sustainable even if it deals with chemistry and polymers. For us, sustainability includes both the advantages our products produce and the way we run our firm."

said Johan Arvidsson, CEO of Nexam Chemical,

"Nasdaq's Green Designation also gives security for both employees, customers, and investors regarding the high degree of our sustainability initiatives."

Lamor Corporation (LAMOR) (LAMOR)

Lamor Corporation Tower Shot with Green Designation

The Nasdaq Green Designation was originally granted to Lamor Corporation in Finland. Lamor, a company with a purpose to clean the planet, offers services and equipment to 104 nations, assisting them with water treatment, waste management, and the response to oil spills.

"Lamor has been a front-runner in many respects; for instance, our dedication to assisting in the transition to a zero-carbon society is demonstrated by our receipt of the first Nasdaq Green Equity Designation in Finland. The Nasdaq Green Equity Designation will help raise our profile among global impact investors,"

said Lamor CEO Mika Pirneskoski.

Norse Godsinlösen (GIAB)

Tower Shot with GIAN Green Designation

One of the first businesses in Sweden to acquire a Nasdaq Green Designation was Godsinlösen Nordic. By utilising waste products in various business models, GIAB is an innovative growth organisation that aids in the sustainability of enterprises. Their work is built on the idea of the circular economy, and they have in-depth understanding of product reuse and logistics for returns.

"The Green Equity Designation by Nasdaq offers transparency for our stakeholders and investors. We consider 96% of our sales to be environmentally friendly and essential for lowering greenhouse gas emissions."

According to Christian Jansson, CEO of GIAB Nordic AB,

"by large-scale recycling, we contribute to reduced resource use, reducing our clients' carbon emissions."

One of the numerous services we offer to help businesses become more visible to investors seeking sustainable investments is Nasdaq Green Designations. The designations are the latest addition to a growing list of ESG solutions, which already includes the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network, which links sustainable bond issuers with investors, the Nasdaq OneReport, a simple and effective ESG reporting solution for businesses looking to improve operational efficiency, reduce resource dependency, and draw in new clients and workers, and Nasdaq's Green Equity Indexes, a full family of environmental indexes that follow the expanding clean energy sector.

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