Infinium, Navigator CO2 Team Up for eFuels Project

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Infinium, an electrofuels provider, and Navigator CO2, a comprehensive carbon management company, have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on the production of eFuels.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding, Navigator will supply 600,000 tonnes per annum of biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from its Heartland Greenway system to an upcoming Infinium facility.

The Heartland Greenway Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) project is a prominent initiative aimed at aggregating biogenic CO2 on a global scale. By establishing a robust infrastructure and network, the project enables industrial emitters to access new markets for their carbon while providing Infinium with a stable and diversified supply of CO2 for eFuels production.

Infinium is at the forefront of developing advanced fuels to drive progress towards climate goals during the ongoing energy transition. Their eFuels are produced using captured CO2 and renewable power-derived green hydrogen. These ultra-low carbon eFuels are sulfur-free and offer cleaner combustion compared to conventional petroleum-based fuels.

Navigator CEO Matt Vining expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting Navigator's commitment to sustainable decarbonisation through their Heartland Greenway platform. He emphasised the agreement as an example of how Navigator helps partners optimise carbon usage, reduce emissions, and maximise value.

Infinium's eSAF and eDiesel can directly replace petroleum jet and diesel fuels in existing planes, ships, and trucks without any modifications to engines or distribution infrastructure. Additionally, Infinium's eNaphtha can be used as an alternative to gasoline and petroleum-derived naphtha, serving as a greener option for chemical and industrial processes, including the production of plastics and solvents.

Robert Schuetzle, CEO of Infinium, acknowledged the growing demand for eFuels as a climate-friendly alternative in the heavy transit and chemicals sectors. He emphasised the importance of partnerships like the one with Navigator, which provide access to multiple connected CO2 sources to scale up eFuels production globally.

Infinium currently has a portfolio of over a dozen projects in various stages of development across the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia, showcasing their commitment to expanding their eFuels production capabilities on a global scale.

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