Hemas & Lanka Sathosa: Eco-Bags to Cut Plastic Waste

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KnowESG_Hemas & Lanka Sathosa- Eco-Bags to Cut Plastic Waste
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In a remarkable leap toward environmental conservation, Hemas has joined forces with Lanka Sathosa to confront the pressing issue of mounting plastic waste and champion sustainable living within local communities.

Under the leadership of Hemas Consumer Brands' Sales Team, patrons shopping at Lanka Sathosa stores will receive a complimentary, reusable eco-friendly bag when purchasing Hemas products. In the initial phase, an impressive 40,000 of these eco-friendly bags will be distributed across 440 Lanka Sathosa outlets scattered throughout Sri Lanka.

Strategically, these eco bags will be provided to outlets based on their foot traffic. What sets them apart is a distinctive barcode system that allows for recurring discounts, thus encouraging people to reuse them and instilling sustainable habits within the communities.

Furthermore, Hemas and Lanka Sathosa will introduce designated plastic waste collection bins at Sathosa stores to encourage responsible disposal. Customers who responsibly deposit plastic items in these bins will receive coupons as a token of appreciation. Additionally, a monthly raffle will be organised to offer further incentives for individuals to actively partake in reducing plastic waste.

Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, Group CEO of Hemas Holdings PLC, emphasised the significance of this initiative, stating, "At Hemas, we acknowledge our responsibility in tackling the plastic waste issue. Our partnership with Lanka Sathosa is a pivotal step toward a sustainable future, fostering awareness and positive habits. We hope that by incentivising consumers to embrace eco-friendly practices, we can alter consumption patterns and contribute to a healthier environment."

Pasanda Yapa Abeywardana, Chairman of Lanka Sathosa Limited, echoed these sentiments, saying "Our commitment to promoting sustainability within our communities is unwavering, and our collaboration with Hemas represents a substantial stride toward that goal. I am confident that Sathosa's extensive network across Sri Lanka will catalyse to bring this initiative to grassroots levels."

This collaboration marks a watershed moment in Hemas Group's Environmental Agenda, signifying their dedication to offset all consumer plastic waste and propagate sustainable practices within local communities.

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Source: Hemas Group


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