Green Skies: China Airlines' Sustainability Journey

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KnowESG_Green Skies: China Airlines' Sustainability Journey
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The 2023 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) results have been revealed, marking the eighth consecutive year that China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, has earned a spot as a constituent stock for Emerging Markets.

The airline secured the second-highest score globally in the airline industry, affirming its position as a sustainability leader.

DJSI, recognised as the foremost index for corporate sustainability performance, serves as a crucial benchmark for global institutional investors. S&P Global, an international sustainability assessment body, assessed over 13,000 companies worldwide, identifying the top 10% in sustainability performance within each industry.

This year, 61 airlines participated in the evaluation. China Airlines excelled in categories such as Waste, Water, Passenger Safety, Sustainable Marketing & Brand Perception, Business Ethics, and Transparency & Reporting.

The airline achieved the highest score in the airline industry for Biodiversity, Talent Attraction & Retention, Information Security, Cyber Security & System Availability, and Labor Practice Indicators. The exceptional performance across all ten categories highlights the airline's success in aligning business strategy with sustainability principles.

In its commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), China Airlines has actively engaged in initiatives such as the SkyTeam Alliance's "The Sustainable Flight Challenge" for two consecutive years.

This year, the Sustainability Demonstration Flight programme expanded, making China Airlines the first Taiwanese carrier to operate flights using Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

The airline's innovative ECO CART In-flight Sorting and Recycling programme, initially trialed, is now being gradually implemented on all long-haul routes. This involves segregating waste items like aluminium cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, and recycling paper, contributing to eco-friendly practices and reducing the environmental impact.

As a trailblazer in sustainability within the transportation industry, China Airlines became the first Taiwanese operator to join the SAF programme, collaborating with an international fuel company and a blockchain platform.

The airline has adopted a new SAF corporate purchasing partnership model to provide traceable and verifiable carbon reduction reports. SAF will be progressively introduced on passenger and cargo-carrying flights in collaboration with supply chain vendors and corporate customers, supporting the global transition to sustainable energy and working towards the goal of Net Zero by 2050.

"Continued implementation of ESG to create sustainable corporate competitiveness" is at the core of China Airlines' sustainable development strategy. The airline's success in sustainability has garnered both domestic and international acclaim, including consecutive strong performances at the "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards."

This year, China Airlines achieved a new milestone by securing its first-ever "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top Ten Domestic Companies Award" and was recognised as the top-performing airline globally in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook (2023/12/11).

For further details on sustainable development at China Airlines, please visit:

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