GP JOULE to Purchase 100 Nikola Tre FCEVs

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Nikola Corporation and IVECO have announced a Letter of Intent for an order of 100 Class 8, heavy-duty Nikola Tre hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) from GP JOULE, a German-based energy solutions provider. The vehicles will be manufactured by a joint venture between Nikola and Iveco Group at a site in Ulm, Germany, and will be in the European 6x2 variant.

30 of the initial 100 Nikola Tre FCEVs are expected to be delivered to GP JOULE by 2024, with the remaining 70 vehicles to be delivered in 2025. GP JOULE may acquire these vehicles through GATE, Iveco Group's all-inclusive electric truck rental model.

IVECO will provide maintenance and service functions. GP JOULE plans to make the 100 Nikola trucks available to its customers in transport and logistics.

The order is dependent on GP JOULE's successful application for funding through KsNI, Germany's programme to support the acquisition of vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives. Additionally, starting in 2026, GP JOULE and Iveco Group have agreed to market additional fuel cell trucks to customers in Europe, with GP JOULE providing 100% green hydrogen at their hydrogen refuelling station network.

Michael Lohscheller, President and CEO of Nikola Corporation, said, "The order from GP JOULE will be an example of how the Nikola Tre FCEV can help commercial customers in Germany transition to zero-emissions vehicles several years ahead of other OEMs. This helps reach the goal of decarbonizing the transportation sector.

Andre Steinau, Managing Director at GP JOULE HYDROGEN, said: “100% renewable energy for all, this is what drives us. Together with Nikola and IVECO, we offer our customers everything they need for climate-neutral heavy-duty transportation from a single source. This includes the production and purchase of green hydrogen, hydrogen filling stations, fuel cell trucks that meet their needs, and service. This is the easy entry into emission-free freight transport.”

Simone Olivati, President, Financial Services, Iveco Group commented: “We are very pleased by the choice of GP JOULE and that with this agreement, thanks to our innovative GATE rental model, we will bring hydrogen mobility to customers in Germany and progress on the decarbonization of road freight transport. GATE is dedicated to meeting the needs of both battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric commercial vehicle customers, initially serving both the IVECO and Nikola brands. This agreement is a chance to start offering our comprehensive service based on a pay-per-use formula that will allow customers access to the propulsion of tomorrow.”

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