Expedia Group Unveils New Global Social Impact and Sustainability Plan

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Expedia Group's new global social impact and sustainability strategy promotes a responsible, open, and accessible travel environment.

The Open World™social impact and sustainability strategy, which combines the company's mission, purpose, and values with its traveller-centric mindset, is focused on three priorities: increasing access for underserved travellers, democratising the travel economy, and innovating sustainable solutions for the future of travel.

Earlier this year, the company introduced its Open World technology platform, which was designed to help partners of all sizes leverage and configure the products and services required to flourish in the travel industry. 

In keeping with this innovation and the belief that travel can be a force for good, the next version of Open World will focus on the traveller experience, community engagement, and environmental impact.

Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Expedia Group, said: 

"Travel is transformative. It broadens horizons, strengthens connections and changes perspectives. With our new Open World™ social impact and sustainability forward-looking plans, we will further our mission to power travel for everyone, everywhere. 

"Travel needs to lighten its footprint on the planet, and everyone should be able to experience it and receive the associated benefits. Now is the time to innovate the existing model. We have a responsibility to enable a stronger, more sustainable industry.”

The Open World™ social impact and sustainability strategy will address disparities in travel, expedite significant change for the global industry's mosaic of travellers and communities, and assure a healthy planet.

Source: Expedia Group

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