Derwent Embraces ESG for Longterm Gains

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Derwent Investments, a wealth management company in Singapore, has shared its strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles.

This shows the company's dedication to sustainable and ethical investing worldwide.

As part of its responsible financial approach, Derwent Investments has added ESG considerations into how it makes investment decisions. This means they are focusing on how investments impact the environment, society, and how well companies are governed when evaluating different investment opportunities.

Derwent Investments actively works with the companies in its portfolio, encouraging them to adopt and improve ESG practices. The company understands that promoting sustainability and responsible business not only helps financially in the long run but also has positive effects on society.

To boost their efforts, Derwent Investments has a special team of experts dedicated to advancing their sustainability goals. This team collaborates with investment professionals to find opportunities that align with sustainable principles, making the overall investment portfolio perform better.

Edward Chandler, Director of Private Equity at Derwent Investments, said, "Our commitment to advancing ESG principles goes beyond just financial returns. We actively aim to bring positive change to the global investment landscape by considering ESG factors in decision-making, promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to managing wealth."

Recognising the impact globally, Derwent Investments sees its role in influencing responsible investing practices internationally. The company remains dedicated to exploring new ways to enhance their ESG initiatives, with a focus on creating lasting value for their diverse clients.

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