Coway Fosters Eco-Friendly Culture with ESG Focus

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Coway, renowned as the premier Life Solution Company, has been making a significant impact with recent initiatives that actively champion environmental preservation and underscore the pivotal role of clean water in fostering a culture of environmental awareness.

One of the company's standout endeavors is the "2023 Coway River Plogging Campaign." Now in its second year, this initiative invites customers to engage in the noble act of collecting litter while running or strolling alongside bodies of water. This campaign not only seeks to maintain the cleanliness of our rivers and oceans but also strives to make environmental protection an integral aspect of our daily lives.

In this year's campaign, Coway employees, customers, and their families fervently participated in environmental preservation activities spanning approximately a month, commencing in July. Parents, children, and even four-legged companions joined in, collectively making a significant impact. The response was overwhelming, witnessing a remarkable 41% surge in participants compared to the previous year.

A dedicated team of Coway employees, possessing scuba diving certifications, took the campaign to new depths, engaging in "plogging" at Songjiho Beach in Goseong, Gangwon Province. Under the sea's surface, they retrieved a plethora of debris, including PET bottles, toothbrushes, fishing nets, buoys, and fishing equipment. By extricating this refuse from the water, Coway takes a step closer to fulfilling its mission of safeguarding clean water and preserving the sanctity of nature.

Within the realm of education, Coway has been disseminating its message through the "Coway Classroom Forest Project," where it generously donates air-purifying plants to elementary schools. These plants create an environment where students can intimately connect with nature and gain a profound understanding of the significance of environmental conservation and biodiversity.

Students transfer these plants to pots crafted from materials derived from discarded medical masks and PET bottles. Nurturing them, watering them daily, and witnessing their growth firsthand, students grasp the intrinsic value of the natural world. Educational activities such as these, coupled with do-it-yourself air purifier projects, acquaint students with the principles of air purification and underscore the importance of breathing clean air.

Originating at Seoul's Guronam Elementary School in the prior year, Coway extended this initiative to four elementary schools nationwide, contributing a total of 1,632 air-purifying plants.

The project also boasts the "Coway Clean Forest," where 650 endangered trees were planted in the hinterlands of Bangnaeri, Nae-myeon, Hongcheon County, and Gangwon Province, in November of the preceding year—a tree for each student participating in the programme.

But it's not just students who get to partake in the excitement. Employees also took part in the "Effective-Microorganism Mud Balls Throwing" project in May. In this endeavour, they crafted 3,000 EM Mud Balls, which were then dispersed into water bodies where they dissolve, purify, and eliminate unpleasant odours from the water. Coway intends to make this a recurring activity to perpetuate the message of nature's importance and the value of pristine water to its employees.

A representative from Coway expressed, "We've conceived these imaginative ESG projects to impart the value of clean water and air engagingly." They further emphasised, "In the future, we plan to sustain our mission of making environmental awareness enjoyable and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives."

Coway's steadfast commitment to the environment channelled through these innovative initiatives, has given rise to a sustainability culture that beckons everyone to participate wholeheartedly.

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