Confluence Merges MSCI ESG Data with Style Analytics

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KnowESG_Confluence Merges MSCI ESG Data with Style Analytics
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Confluence Technologies, a global provider of technology solutions for investment communication, is adding comprehensive MSCI ESG Research data to its Style Analytics platform.

This integration helps asset managers and fund selectors navigate the growing complexity of ESG investing by offering deeper analysis, comparison tools, and portfolio improvement features.

Style Analytics overlays MSCI ESG data with factor analysis on a user-friendly interface. Users can explore details, analyse funds aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and gain actionable insights to identify optimal sustainable investment opportunities and track their performance over time.

This new module arrives as investor interest in sustainability and ESG investing surges, creating a strong demand for ESG data and technology solutions.

Damian Handzy, Senior Product Manager, Confluence, said:

"In the rapidly evolving investment landscape, asset managers and fund selectors face the complex challenge of making informed decisions that align with their ESG investing objectives. With a robust platform for comprehensive ESG data analysis, their ability to compare and enhance portfolios and funds effectively is greatly enhanced. Style Analytics’ integration of MSCI’s comprehensive ESG data marks a significant step to help our clients make informed investment decisions and achieve sustainable growth."

Visit to explore how Style Analytics with MSCI ESG data can benefit your investment process. They offer onboarding support, consultations, platform demos, data integration assistance, and training.

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