Buen Vato Tequila's Cardboard Bottle Cuts Shipping Costs and Emissions

Published on: 21 May 2022 06:28 PM
by KnowESG

Buen Vato, a tequila producer, has created a cardboard bottle using environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures. According to Alias Smith, a distributor in Stockholm, the bottle is easier to transport and emits far less CO2 than traditional industrial practices.

In 2019, the company invested about 1,500 hours in restructuring the procedures and physical structure of one of its finest providers, as well as participating in the Swedish Beverage Industry's Climate Initiative (DKI), which aims to reduce the industry's carbon impact. As a result, the corporation opted to invest in projects that would have the least negative impact possible.

The cardboard container, according to the manufacturer, uses six times less energy and 1.9 litres less water than a typical glass tequila bottle.

Kraft Heinz, for example, is collaborating with Pulpex to produce a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable bottle made from 100 per cent sustainably derived wood pulp. Heinz is the first sauce company to put Pulpex's sustainable paper bottle packaging to the test for its condiments.

The Bumble Bee Seafood Company is also saving an estimated 23 million pieces of plastic per year by switching from shrink wrap to easily recyclable paperboard containers for its multipack can products.

Source: Environment + Energy Leader