Banle Energy Debuts Biofuel Bunkering in HK

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KnowESG_Banle Energy's first biofuel bunkering operation in Hong Kong
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Banle Energy International Limited, a subsidiary of CBL International Limited, has successfully conducted its inaugural B24 biofuel bunkering operation in Hong Kong in collaboration with ASB Biodiesel (Hong Kong) Limited and Seven Seas Oil (Hong Kong) Limited.

Saybolt, a global independent inspection and testing service provider, kept an eye on the entire process to ensure compliance with quality and quantity standards.

The company's initiative aligns with the 2023 IMO Greenhouse Gas Strategy, which aims to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping by at least 20% and 70% by 2030 and 2040, respectively, compared to 2008 levels. Banle Energy is committed to promoting biofuels, an ESG-related product, to support the strategy and mitigate GHG emissions.

Biofuels are recognised as a viable low-carbon alternative to conventional fossil fuels, offering a means to reduce GHG emissions and combat climate change within the shipping industry.

Demonstrating its proactive culture, Banle Energy was an early advocate and supplier of very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO) in 2019, ahead of the implementation of the "IMO 2020" regulation. Now, the company has once again taken the lead by introducing B24 biofuel bunkering in Hong Kong.

Teck Lim Chia, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman emphasised the significance of the B24 biofuel bunkering operation, stating that it represents a substantial contribution to environmental sustainability and the shipping industry's endeavours to curb carbon emissions. This milestone sets a precedent for the Hong Kong bunkering industry to embrace biofuels as part of its decarbonisation efforts.

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Source: CBL International Limited


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