Asket Receipt: Measuring Fashion's Impact

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The Swedish fashion brand Asket is revolutionising the way we approach fashion consumption with its groundbreaking 'Impact Receipt.'

This innovative concept is a proactive measure aimed at mitigating excessive consumption by providing consumers with a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental consequences associated with each purchase.

The 'Impact Receipt' goes beyond the price tag, offering a detailed breakdown of factors such as CO2e emissions, water utilisation, and energy expenditure linked to acquiring a specific garment. It also takes into account the ecological impacts of packaging and shipping choices.

The primary objective of this initiative is to usher in a new era of transparency in the fashion industry. Providing customers with a clear understanding of the environmental costs and influences of Asket's clothing empowers them to make more informed decisions about their shopping habits and monitor their ecological footprint resulting from their consumption.

To bring this concept to life, Asket has joined forces with Vaayu Tech. Together, they conduct comprehensive lifecycle impact assessments that form the basis for the 'Impact Receipt.' This assessment encompasses every facet of a garment's creation, from the initial stages like farming and yarn spinning to fabric weaving, dyeing, and assembly, all the way to transportation processes.

August Bard Bringéus, co-founder of Asket, highlights a crucial issue in the fashion industry. He notes that traditionally, consumers have only been presented with the financial cost of a garment, leading to a disconnect between our shopping habits and the environmental consequences of our choices. According to Bard Bringéus, it is vital to assign value to the Earth's resources and to understand the true costs of our choices, encouraging more responsible and sustainable consumption.

Founded in 2015 by August Bard-Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky, Asket's core philosophy revolves around the elimination of seasonal collections that promote rapid consumption. The initial version of the 'Impact Receipt' was introduced in 2020, albeit initially available for only a limited selection of the brand's best-selling clothing items.

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