Arcadis to Deliver Digital Mobility in Georgia

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Arcadis, a prominent global design and consulting firm specialising in natural and built assets, has proudly announced its selection to deliver programme management services for the Georgia Commute Options (GCO) initiative.

This programme, which falls under the purview of Transportation Demand Management (TDM), is funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation and overseen by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

The overarching goal of the GCO programme is to diminish the prevalence of single-occupant vehicles within the expansive 20-county Atlanta region. It aims to achieve this objective by offering an array of sustainable and cost-effective commuting alternatives, including public transportation, telecommuting, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, and cycling.

Leveraging its extensive experience on both a global and local scale within the realm of TDM, Arcadis will provide a comprehensive suite of programme management services. These services encompass strategic advertising and marketing campaigns, innovative technology implementation such as data analysis and digital dashboard development, as well as a focus on equity planning, community engagement initiatives, and collaborations with local businesses, government entities, and industry organisations.

Furthermore, Arcadis intends to harness the cutting-edge capabilities of its Intelligence Global Business Area, a strategic addition stemming from the acquisition of IBI Group last year. This technology-driven approach will be instrumental in enhancing GCO's existing digital tools, which are accessible to the public. These tools include ride-matching services and incentive programmes, thereby contributing to the ongoing triumph of the programme.

Greg Steele, Global President of Mobility at Arcadis, emphasised the significance of addressing transportation's substantial contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. As the world edges closer to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, cities are called upon to prioritise sustainable, convenient, and economical commuting alternatives.

The Georgia Commute Options programme serves as a remarkable illustration of how technology can be harnessed to plan and incentivise transformative changes. It aims to provide a diverse range of accessible and user-friendly transportation options tailored to the specific needs of urban residents as part of this broader commitment to sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprints.

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