Accenture Acquires akzente to Strengthen Sustainability Capabilities

Published on: 4 May 2022 04:10 PM

Accenture, the global professional services company, announced the acquisition of akzente, a well-known sustainability consultancy, helping companies across several sectors, including automotive, financial services, and energy and consumer goods. akzente is a German-based company.

akzente's team of more than 60 professionals, based in Munich, Germany, with an additional office in Berlin, contributes considerable competence in sustainability strategy, reporting, communication, and stakeholder management to Accenture Sustainability Services. akzente is a recognised expert in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges and non-financial reporting.

Peter Lacy, Accenture’s global Sustainability Services lead and chief responsibility officer, said:

"Companies face a critical choice on how they manage, measure and report on sustainability. They can either tidy up their disclosure and reporting or they can recognise this is a fundamental shift in the basis of competitiveness and prepare the technology, tools and skills to win — especially as increasing regulation and new standards call for accurate data in decision-making by companies across industries. The addition of akzente expands our ability to help our clients navigate this transformation, drive greater value and impact and deliver on the promise of sustainability.”

akzente has strong ties with policymakers, scholars, and specialists. It also has a leading role in developing global sustainability standards, allowing the company to foresee trends and turn them into actionable results for clients.

Christina Raab, market unit lead for Accenture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, said:

“We are delighted to welcome akzente to our team, adding significant expertise to our sustainability capabilities while jointly extending our services powered by technology and human ingenuity. Helping our clients drive this change across all dimensions paves the way to a more sustainable economy and future for all.”

Accenture Sustainability Services offers unique services and solutions across the full range of ESG issues, including social, governance, and environmental efforts, to assist clients in becoming net-zero and circular businesses, leveraging digital investment to create intelligent organisations with sustainability at their core.

Accenture is driving transformations at scale with the tools, technology, and methodologies that embed sustainability data, decision-making, and performance to effectively measure business value and sustainable impact for all stakeholders, in collaboration with its ecosystem partners and ventures into disruptive technologies, as well as deep functional expertise in CFO and Enterprise Value.

Accenture's latest move to expand its Sustainability Services and ESG capabilities globally is akzente, which will help clients build resilience into their global value chains and drive innovation at the intersection of physical and digital aspects of sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important for both shareholder value and stakeholders' values in an increasingly uncertain world.

Accenture announced the purchases of Avieco in the United Kingdom and Greenfish in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands earlier this month.

Sabine Braun, founder and managing partner of akzente, said:

"akzente is known for deep consulting expertise and thorough experience in all facets of sustainability for almost 30 years. Accenture’s scale and commitment to sustainability will enable us to extend our value proposition to new customers across industries and geographies. Being part of Accenture will lead to new opportunities for our people, and our combined expertise will help our clients to integrate sustainability at the core of their business.”

Source: Accenture