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In a remarkable collaboration, Wipro Limited, a leading technology services and consulting company, and Pure Storage, a provider of enterprise data storage solutions, have joined forces under the banner of Wipro FullStride Cloud.

The purpose of this partnership is to address the pressing issue of sustainability by leveraging the power of technology. Together, they aim to assist clients in accelerating their sustainability journey by offering efficient strategies to minimise the environmental impact of their data centres.

Drawing upon their expertise in sustainability and technology, Wipro and Pure Storage are committed to incorporating industry best practices for sustainable technology into their clients' technology infrastructure.

This will involve implementing improvements in data centre footprint, direct carbon emissions in data storage systems, and overall power efficiency, guided by global industry standards.

An important focus of this partnership is reducing e-waste. Rather than following the conventional method of replacing entire systems during hardware upgrades, the emphasis will be on continuously upgrading individual components. This resource-efficient approach contributes to a circular economy by extending the lifecycle of technology assets.

One outstanding example of Wipro's commitment to sustainability is the Sustainable Technology & Impact intelligence solutions. This innovative offering provides valuable insights and visibility into critical infrastructure by effectively monitoring and managing the impact of assets.

Stephanie Trautman, Chief Growth Officer at Wipro Limited, expressed, "Customers today prioritise sustainable technology infrastructure. In collaboration with Pure Storage, we are addressing this need for data storage and data centres. Our approach involves assessing, identifying, implementing, and monitoring sustainable technologies that optimise resource utilisation while reducing waste, emissions, and energy impacts."

Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO of Pure Storage, echoed the sentiment, stating, "Pure and Wipro share a vision for sustainability, where organisations can significantly decrease their environmental impact without compromising IT performance or experience. We are proud to partner with Wipro to help our joint customers achieve their sustainability goals."

Highlighting the successful outcomes of their collaboration, Jo Debecker, Global Head of Wipro FullStride Cloud, mentioned, "By incorporating Pure Storage's solutions as the cornerstone of a hybrid cloud storage strategy, we recently aided a joint customer in enhancing application performance, reducing storage costs, and fortifying data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. Remarkably, this was achieved while reducing the data centre storage footprint and carbon emissions by over 90%. Together, Wipro and Pure Storage are poised to be truly transformational and strategic partners for enterprises in the present age."

The union of Wipro and Pure Storage not only showcases the power of collaboration but also signifies a positive step towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for businesses worldwide. Through their joint efforts, they are empowering clients to embrace a more eco-friendly approach to technology and leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

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