Unspun-Renoon Tie-Up for Sustainability in Fashion

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KnowESG_Unspun-Renoon Tie-Up for Sustainability in Fashion
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Unspun, a trailblazing company focused on sustainable design and innovative textiles, has formed a strategic alliance with Renoon, a software company based in Amsterdam specialising in supply chain information management for global clothing brands.

This dynamic collaboration is poised to transform how the fashion industry addresses transparency and sustainability.

At its core, Unspun is committed to slashing carbon emissions in the fashion sector. The company achieves this by crafting tailor-made jeans using smartphone-generated body scans.

By bypassing carbon-intensive processes like inventory management, cutting, sewing, and warehousing, Unspun simplifies the traditional fashion supply chain, streamlining it from 11 steps down to a mere six. The company has also recently expanded its technological repertoire to encompass 3D weaving manufacturing.

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Annika Visser, Unspun's brand lead, underscores the remarkable reduction in carbon emissions achieved through their methodology, resulting in fewer returns due to precise sizing.

Unspun's collaboration with Renoon is strategically aimed at bolstering consumer awareness and comprehension of their sustainable practices. Through a quick QR code scan that leads to a dedicated web page, consumers can access comprehensive supply chain information.

Renoon's founder, Iris Skrami, highlights the evolving regulatory landscape within the European Union (EU), where regulations governing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects are gaining traction.

Skrami explains that while many European brands express interest in sustainability, few have compiled the essential data for meaningful supply chain visualisation. In this partnership, Renoon assumes the role of enabling Unspun and other brands to effectively communicate their sustainability endeavours to consumers via QR codes.

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