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Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia's newest world-class airline, announced joining the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

This major sustainability initiative encourages responsible business practices and progress towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas pledged the airline's commitment to the UNGC's Ten Principles. This means focusing on human rights, labour standards, environmental protection, and fighting corruption. They will report regularly on their progress in these areas.

The airline also aims to support all 17 SDGs by working with partners to achieve them by 2030. Their first Sustainability Report will be published before their first flight in mid-2025.

The UNGC, launched in 2000, helps companies develop sustainable practices. Through the UNGC, Riyadh Air will gain access to resources and training for its team on all aspects of sustainability.

Riyadh Air promises to be a leader in sustainable air travel. They aim to take to the skies in 2025 with a focus on innovative technology, environmental responsibility, and exceptional passenger comfort. As a full-service digital airline, they will offer innovative experiences while showcasing warm Saudi hospitality.

Beyond sustainability, Riyadh Air plays a key role in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals. They will be a catalyst for the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, promoting economic diversification and job creation. The airline plans to fly to over 100 destinations, contribute significantly to Saudi Arabia's non-oil GDP, and create over 2,00,000 jobs worldwide.

Tony Douglas, CEO Riyadh Air, said,

"At Riyadh Air, we are conscious of our environmental impact and committed to actively contributing to the Kingdom’s sustainability goals, adopting world-class practices and leading our industry in integrating ESG into every area of our business.

"Our modern Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and GeNX 1B engine are widely acknowledged for their improved environmental impact considerations, and more broadly ESG strategies are front and centre to every aspect of how Riyadh Air operates. We pledge to take no shortcuts, and sustainability will run throughout the airline, from flight and ground operations to the office culture, to transportation and even to Riyadh Air employees at home. As a start-up airline this a golden opportunity to do the right thing in the right way, from Day 1."

Ibrahim Alhelali, Executive Director, UNGC said,

"We are pleased to announce that Riyadh Air has joined the UN Global Compact network in Saudi Arabia. Their commitment to aviation sustainability is evident in their decision to join the network one year before commencing operations, showcasing their dedication to responsible business practices."

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