Trützschler and Balkan Unite for Textile Recycling

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A groundbreaking partnership has been solidified as Trützschler, a pioneering name in textile machinery, joins forces with Balkan Textile Machinery. INC.CO to present an all-encompassing revolution in the realm of textile recycling.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone, transforming Trützschler into the premier full-liner in spinning preparation for recycling.

The fusion of expertise between Trützschler and Balkan Textile Machinery. INC.CO now offers a comprehensive spectrum of cutting and pulling solutions, propelling them to the forefront of innovation in the recycling domain.

This strategic partnership not only elevates production standards but also embodies a commitment to sustainability, embodying shared values of responsible textile chain practices.

Balkan Textile Machinery. INC.CO, a revered entity in Turkey, a vital hub for textile recycling, seamlessly complements Trützschler's legacy. Their robust machinery excels in the art of transforming textile waste into individual fibres, meticulously preparing them for Trützschler's subsequent processes. The synergy between the two entities ensures a seamless integration of technology and a reliable, replicable process.

Markus Wurster, Director of Sales and Marketing at Trützschler Group, expresses enthusiasm for the venture, stating, "We now proudly present a comprehensive range of cutting-edge machinery tailored explicitly for rotor and ring yarns derived from recycled materials. This synergy streamlines project planning and execution, minimising complexity and ensuring optimal results."

Osman Balkan, the visionary force behind Balkan Textile Machinery. INC.CO, echoes this sentiment, heralding the collaboration as a monumental step towards global textile waste management.

Elevating Quality Through Innovative Card Clothing

In the pursuit of excellence, Trützschler Card Clothing emerges as an integral facet of the recycling solution. A continuous evolution in card clothing technology ensures the seamless processing of secondary fibres, yielding yarns of unparalleled quality. The introduction of the MT/PT 45R, an ingenious fusion of MT/PT 40 and MT/PT 45, stands as a testament to Trützschler's commitment to innovation.

The heart of the carding process, the flat top, has undergone meticulous enhancement, resulting in the MT/PT 45R's prowess. This revolutionary flat top is tailor-made for recycled materials, underscoring Trützschler Card Clothing's dedication to advancing sustainability in every facet.

The marriage between appropriate flat tops and cylinder wires is the linchpin of superior yarn quality. With a range of cylinder wires catering to diverse recycling applications, Trützschler Card Clothing ensures optimal results while maximising wire longevity and production rates.

Pioneering a New Era

Markus Wurster concludes with anticipation, "From June 2023 onward, we take immense pride in extending a comprehensive recycling package to our global clientele. This encompasses tearing lines, blow rooms, cards, draw frames, card clothing, and, of course, our unparalleled service and technological expertise. Together, we forge ahead into a new era of sustainable textile recycling, empowered by innovation and united purpose."

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Source: Trützschler


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