TotalEnergies, New Hope Energy Announce Agreement to Build Advanced Plastic Recycling Plant in U.S.

Published on: 20 May 2022
by KnowESG
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TotalEnergies, the leading oil and gas company, has partnered with New Hope Energy, a pioneer in chemical recycling, to build an advanced plastic recycling plant in Texas. The new partnership helps transform plastic waste into recycled feedstock, which TotalEnergies will partly purchase and covert into virgin-quality polymers.

The New Hope Energy plant is set to open in 2025 and uses a patented pyrolysis method developed in collaboration with Lummus Technology to process and convert over 310,000 tonnes of mixed plastic trash per year that would otherwise be headed for landfill or incineration.

At its Texas-based production facility, TotalEnergies will use 100,000 tonnes of recycled polymer feedstock (RPF) to produce high-quality polymers suited for food-grade applications such as flexible and rigid food packaging containers.

Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President, Polymers at TotalEnergies, said:

"We are pleased to partner with New Hope Energy, which offers a promising technology and the ability to scale. This new project is another concrete and significant step TotalEnergies is taking to address the challenge of plastic recycling and meet our goal of producing 30% circular polymers by 2030."

Rusty Combs, Chief Executive Officer of New Hope Energy, said:

"TotalEnergies understands the need to increase recycling in the U.S. and abroad, and their 2030 renewable polymer goal is a testament to their commitment to the circular economy. Our partnership with Lummus has allowed us to provide the scale and reliability necessary to support them in this mission."

Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology, said:

"The ability to effectively and economically convert waste plastics to pyrolysis oil for further use is a critical step in achieving a truly circular economy. Supporting TotalEnergies in reaching their sustainability goals is exactly what our integrated processing solutions are designed to do."

Source: PRNewswire