Thiess on Path to Greener Mining

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Thiess Group, a global mining and resources solutions company, released its 2023 Sustainability Report, showcasing progress towards eco-friendly mining.

They have cut emissions and broadened the range of commodities and services.

Cutting Emissions and Shifting Focus

In 2023, the Group made headway on their goal to reduce emissions by 2025. Scope 1 emissions fell by 21%, and Scope 2 emissions dropped by 12%. They are also actively diversifying their business. Their goal is to have thermal coal make up less than 25% of their revenue by the end of 2027, and they are ahead of schedule. They have even set a new target to bring that number down to 20% by 2030.

Thiess Group remains committed to supporting a smooth transition away from coal, and they will continue to provide sustainable mining services to their existing thermal coal clients while this resource remains important for some economies.

New Direction and Continued Growth

Thiess Group CEO Michael Wright is enthusiastic about their ongoing efforts. They are improving efficiency, adopting renewable energy, and testing new low-emission technologies.

In 2023, the Group acquired MACA and expanded organically. This allowed them to offer more critical minerals needed for the global shift towards clean energy. They have added civil and crushing services to their offerings, giving clients more options.

The Group secured contracts for metals mining, civil and crushing projects in Australia and overseas. Thiess won two nickel contracts in Indonesia, a first for the company after working in the country's coal sector since 1988. They also secured a manganese contract, two copper contracts, and a second contract for Thiess Rehabilitation.

A Brighter Tomorrow

In 2023, the Group launched a new purpose statement: "Pioneering spirit for a brighter tomorrow." This aims to unite their over 15,000 employees worldwide and drive their transformation towards sustainable mining. As they approach their 90th anniversary in 2024, they plan to leverage their long history of innovation to power this transition.

Sustainability Focus

Thiess Group is serious about their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. They are working with a wide range of stakeholders to minimise their environmental impact, create social value, and uphold transparent governance.

In 2023, they signed the United Nations Global Compact, demonstrating their support for the organisation's principles on human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. They have also integrated data from all their companies to better understand their sustainability progress. To streamline reporting and boost transparency, they have published a Sustainability Databook alongside their Sustainability Report.

ESG Highlights

The report details the Group's achievements in sustainability:

  • Environmental: They partnered with clients to rehabilitate over 630 hectares of mined land, increased water recycling efforts, and began trials of battery-powered and hybrid light vehicles. They also had zero major environmental incidents.

  • Social: The Group supported over 190 community organisations globally, increased their Indigenous workforce representation in Australia, and saw a global increase of 15% in female employees. They also achieved a record low for work-related injuries.

  • Governance: They spent millions of dollars with Indigenous businesses in Australia, developed a Respectful Workplace Standard, and implemented a new Group Governance Policy.

The full report is available on their website.

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