The Baker's Dozen to Cut Carbon, Plastic by FY23 End

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India's premier artisan bakery, The Baker's Dozen, is embarking on a groundbreaking sustainability journey in the current fiscal year.

This renowned brand is joining forces with 'Recykal,' 'Wastelink,' and 'Climes,' esteemed companies dedicated to aiding The Baker's Dozen in making significant strides towards reducing its environmental impact.

The brand's primary objective is to attain plastic neutrality by recycling an amount of plastic equivalent to what it utilises in close collaboration with the reputable organisation 'Recykal.'

With 'Wastelink,' the brand is focusing on effective food waste management to offset carbon emissions resulting from food returns. And, its partnership with 'Climes' aims to counterbalance the brand's overall carbon footprint, inviting The Baker's Dozen's community of customers to actively participate in climate action initiatives.

Furthermore, The Baker's Dozen is taking proactive steps to optimise delivery routes, thereby minimising emissions along the supply chain. The brand is also passionately encouraging its employees and stakeholders to raise awareness about the critical importance of sustainability and engage in environmentally responsible practices.

This commendable initiative has been funded through cost-saving measures, specifically in secondary packaging and gas consumption, which have coincidentally resulted in reduced carbon emissions. The brand's strategy was to generate funds by reducing costs in areas that would also contribute to shrinking their carbon footprint.

Aditi Handa, co-founder and head chef of The Baker's Dozen, expressed her thoughts on this significant endeavour, stating, "Our journey towards sustainability is driven by the feedback and expectations of our loyal customers. In 2019, when we transitioned to plastic packaging, it disappointed some of our customers, and they candidly shared their concerns with us. Since then, we've been determined to take action to offset our environmental impact.

"Though this journey has commenced later than we had hoped, it's never too late to make a positive change. We are beginning our mission to give back to Mother Earth for all the blessings she bestows upon us. This is just the beginning of a significant transformation for us, and it will only grow larger and more impactful. Our dedicated partners, Recykal, Wastelink, and Climes, have been instrumental in turning this vision into a meaningful reality."

Anirudh Gupta, co-founder of Climes, also commented on this inspiring partnership, saying, "Climate action is now a shared responsibility. It sends a powerful message to the world that a beloved brand like The Baker's Dozen has embraced sustainability as a core value woven into the very fabric of their identity.

"Across waste, water, and carbon, TBD is forging a path to becoming a purpose-driven brand that benefits consumers, bolsters their business, and makes a positive impact on our planet. In choosing to work with Climes, TBD has opted to involve their entire community—consumers, investors, and vendors—in their carbon action plan, both in the digital realm and in real life. We are honoured to partner with them and enable a new form of interactive, transparent, and, most importantly, inclusive climate action."

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