TD SYNNEX Publishes First Corporate Citizenship Report

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TD SYNNEX has released its inaugural Corporate Citizenship Report, which highlights the company's advancements in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. These efforts are aimed at achieving sustainable growth and creating value for stakeholders like employees, local communities, suppliers, customers, and investors.

The first report provides additional information on the framework introduced by TD SYNNEX upon the launch of its corporate citizenship programme the previous year. This framework shows a unified strategy that fits with the company's goals and can be used for all of the company's operations around the world. The report also shows how much TD SYNNEX cares about creating a sustainable planet, promoting diversity in the workplace, and giving underprivileged communities access to technology.

“Our approach to business growth has evolved to place sustainability at the core of our operational practices, and our deep commitment to innovation, people, and the planet is essential to fulfilling our larger purpose,” said TD SYNNEX CEO Rich Hume. “As we continue to invest and expand the way we serve our customers, co-workers, and communities, we are grounded in the principles that have propelled our legacy companies to this unified point.”

After conducting a materiality assessment in late 2021 and early 2022, TD SYNNEX identified and ranked the most significant ESG concerns for both its business and stakeholders. The company has since been proactively implementing its ESG strategy across its global operations, with a focus on instilling a corporate citizenship culture. The report will serve as a reference point and will be used to track performance on an annual basis, providing detailed information on how TD SYNNEX is advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Over the past year, we have thoughtfully developed an ESG framework that aligns with our combined company’s purpose. This report represents an important milestone in establishing where we are today and our plans for achieving our meaningful goals," says Adam Rutstein, Director of Global Responsibility for TD SYNNEX.

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