Sustainalize Now Fully Under ERM

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Sustainalize, a Dutch sustainability consulting firm with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, was acquired by ERM, the world’s largest pure-play sustainability advisory firm, in April 2021.

This new acquisition expanded ERM’s sustainability consulting capabilities in continental Europe and further reinforced the company’s position as the global market leader in pure-play sustainability consulting.

Now, two years later, in September 2023, Sustainalize has fully integrated within ERM and is saying goodbye to the Sustainalize brand, meaning they will continue operating as ERM.

The Sustainalize team has grown to 50+ professionals over the last few years, supporting clients with many different questions regarding corporate sustainability.

For the continuation of running projects, all aspects of client support will remain the same, just under a different brand name. With Sustainalize having organised various activities, such as events, these will be continued as ERM.

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