Sustainability-Focused Consultancy NewForesight Launches New Brand

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by KnowESG

NewForesight, a strategic consulting firm focusing on sustainability and ESG issues, has released a new brand and identity. NewForesight was started in 2008 in the Netherlands. Since then, the company has grown to a team of about 20 consultants.

The company assists its clients in what it calls "business for good" transformations, particularly in accomplishing their objectives related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We help clients find opportunities in their sustainability journey. We have since our inception worked for leading companies, civil society organisations, governments, and multi-stakeholder platforms in over 15 sectors and 20 countries", said Lucas Simons, the chief executive of NewForesight.

According to Simons, the firm’s transition to a new brand mirrors the development the firm has undergone, as well as the changing landscape in which its clients operate. “Transitions to a sustainable economy are complex in nature," he said, “but we believe that they can be managed and are filled with business opportunities.”

“Organisations can benefit from these opportunities if they understand the transition and use the power of markets and collaboration in the right way. At NewForesight, we specialise in developing winning sustainability strategies and bringing them to life. Our new brand reflects this, and I’m proud to take NewForesight to this next level.”

Madeleine van Hasselt, Marketing and Communications Manager at NewForesight, added: “The new brand is fresh and bold, just as a winning sustainability strategy should look like. The colour palette reflects the bright future and opportunities that lie ahead in the transition to a sustainable economy.”

Meanwhile, the firm’s decision to stick to the ‘F’ in its logo “does justice to the long history we have with our partners” while also “laying the accent on our ambition to work towards a more (sustainable) future.”

Laure Heilbron and Daniel Viviers-Rasmussen, both Principals at NewForesight, commented: “Although the world is facing many severe sustainability challenges, we hold a positive outlook, as we know we can find market incentives to drive more sustainable behaviour.”

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