Strategic Marine, Metizoft Asia Partner for ESG

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Singapore's renowned aluminium shipbuilder, Strategic Marine, has recently forged a significant partnership with Metizoft Asia to implement an ESG application for their sustainability reporting framework.

Metizoft Asia, a division of the Norwegian technology and consultancy firm Metizoft, brings its expertise to the collaboration.

As part of this collaboration, Strategic Marine has also engaged Metizoft Asia to conduct Carbon Emissions Computation (CEC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for their Crew Transfer Vessels. These initiatives mark important milestones for the Strategic Marine Group as they strive to lead the industry in sustainable practices.

"We are delighted to have Metizoft as our strategic partner in our journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. Our strong relationship with Metizoft Asia, built through previous collaborations on Inventory of Hazardous Materials, has led to this extension of our partnership through the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) application. We have full confidence in their professionalism and expertise," expressed Mr Chan Eng Yew, CEO of Strategic Marine.

Metizoft Asia's CEO, Mr Clement Chang, responded, "We are privileged that Strategic Marine Group has chosen Metizoft as their sustainability reporting framework partner. Our application not only automates data collection but also streamlines reporting processes and reduces resource demands. Ultimately, sustainability reporting is not just a compliance process but an operational one that companies must prioritise."

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Source: Strategic Marine


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